Young ESports Player Gets Huge Contractual Offer to Play in the Overwatch League

Sinatraa will play in the Overwatch League at only 17

A professional eSports team has just acquired a skillful new Overwatch player. The player is only 17, but is the most valuable acquisition the team could have just ahead of the Overwatch League. Although he is so young, his skills are remarkable, so he was offered a contract of $15,000. The young man is already paving his way for a career in eSports.

The young Sinatraa was a desired player

NRG Esports, a professional team of players getting ready for the Overwatch League, has just signed a contract with a valuable new player. Jay Won, also known as Sinatraa, will receive $100,000 more than a regular player in the Overwatch League, although he’s only 17. Also, players can earn special bonuses as they play in the League.

Only during the first season, bonuses can go up to $3.5 million for a team. Therefore, the young player has all the chances to earn much more than the contract offered him. This will happen, of course, if he keeps playing great matches. However, we shouldn’t worry for him, as two teams had to fight to offer him a bid.

The other team who wanted Sinatraa was Cloud9. This acerb competition led to the contractual offer to be so high, as NRG Esports couldn’t afford losing the young skilled player. In the end, he and his mother, who signed the contract, decided for the latter team.

What is the Overwatch League?

The first season of the Overwatch League will contain nine teams competing against each other. However, more teams can register until October 30th, so more might soon join the competition. Each team will host 12 players, and each of them will undergo thorough training before the tournament starts.

For the Overwatch League to exist, teams had to pay a fee of $20 million. Fortunately, there are plenty of professional eSports team who could afford to raise this amount of money. These teams include New York Mets, Sacramento Kings, Miami Heat, and New England Patriots.
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