Bethesda Won’t Be Preparing Any Game of Thrones Title Any Time Soon

Unfortunately, Bethesda won’t be releasing a Game of Thrones-themed game

The Game of Thrones season finale couldn’t leave us untouched, as everybody is now feverishly waiting for the new season. Immediately after the glorious end, Target gave us false hope that our wait will be sweeter. Several Reddit users spotted a blank page on the Target website, which could hint at a Westeros-themed title being prepared by Bethesda. Unfortunately, this might actually be only a hoax.

The Target hint to a Game of Thrones game is unfounded

Soon after Season 7 of the beloved TV show ended, a curious blank page appeared on the Target website, titled Bethesda – Game of Thrones. As expected, this sparked a lot of comments and false hopes. Could the video game producer be preparing a special title?

However, all chances are that this should be a misunderstanding. Bethesda will most likely not comment on this, but the company has already refused to make a Game of Thrones-themed game in the past. Therefore, this so-called hint is either a hoax, an accident made by an inattentive employee, or an error.

Bethesda has already declined the development of such a game

The idea of developing a Game of Thrones title was actually quite tempting for Bethesda. Back in 2011, the company received an offer which involved turning the popular book series into a video game. Everything happened before the company even released Skyrim and, at the time, everybody thought they could make a great game.

However, Bethesda wanted to develop their own take on the Game of Thrones universe. However, the developers reconsidered their time and their use of it, and decided to put all their work into Skyrim. Although everything was tempting enough, we might not see an RPG rendering of our favorite world. This is too bad, since the studio seemed perfect to develop such a major game, together with its complex characters and environment.
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