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The Australian Government Sends AI-Powered Drones to Monitor Beaches and Stop Shark Attacks

Australians will use AI drones to assist human rescuers in case of shark attacks

The number of shark attacks increases every year, especially in those highly populated areas where people come to surf and have fun. Previous experience showed the authorities that human supervision was not enough to keep these attacks under control, so the Australian government came up with an innovative idea. It will deploy a number of AI-powered drones to help people keep an eye on beaches.

How do these drones prevent shark attacks?

These drones are called ‘Little Rippers’, and are equipped with small cameras which monitor the beaches and the waters. Then, the images are sent to some AI-powered networks. Based on image recognition technology, these networks can determine when a shark is swimming in the shore waters.

Only at this point do human professionals intervene. In case of an attack, the drones will deliver rafts or GPS beacons, and bring whatever the rescuers might need. They can fly for two and a half hours, and will cost the government $250,000.

These drones are not only an additional eye on the beach, but might even prevent shark attacks. They contain a shark repellent dispenser, which delivers electricity towards the shark. This ensures the animal stays away from its target, and the rescuers have enough time to intervene.

They are more accurate than humans in spotting sharks

This solution is more efficient than helicopters. Besides from being less expensive, they can perform a close surveillance of the waters regardless of the weather condition, or of daytime or nighttime. Also, human rescuers are usually able to spot one in three sharks from a helicopter. A drone has a 90 percent accuracy, and assures swimmers they can escape shark attacks.

Researchers who came up with this idea said this was not meant to remove human rescuers. Instead, these drones can assist them, and assure the success of a rescue mission. Shark attacks have reached a much larger extent, so the authorities realized they had to take extreme measures against them.
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