Wait, that makes no sense, but you catch my drift – since 2005, GoDaddy has been a regular presence at the Super Bowl, so it seems odd that viewers will sit through four-plus hours of the game without one glimpse at Danica Patrick. It’s Super Bowl 50 and at the tune of $5 million for 30 seconds of air time, advertisers are lining up with check books in hand. You can bet that most of that money is going toward food. “You have to make people laugh, cry, feel patriotic, whatever”, he said. It’s the purest example of this year’s trend in Super Bowl commercials toward random zaniness.

“They tease and many even release the ads even prior to the Super Bowl to build buzz and excitement for their in-game efforts”, he said.

We can’t tell you what will happen during the game – Peyton Manning throws four interceptions before halftime – but we can give you an early look at dozens of Super Bowl 50’s commercials here.

Streaming online has jumped since the last Super Bowl.

And when a Super Bowl ad misses the mark, people talk about it for all of the wrong reasons.

He said advertisers have moved from driving people to their websites to leveraging all digital platforms, including social media, blogs, digital media properties, mobile and more to maximize and leverage the investment they’re making in running a Super Bowl ad. And that might mean a repeat of last year’s “Somber Bowl”, when viewers were turned off by too-serious ads.

And it takes a lot of bucks. A 30-second spot now costs nearly $5 million.

But advertisers can’t afford another crop of ads like previous year. Super Bowl advertisers understand the things that are important to their brands’ customers and design their ads accordingly. He’s been studying Super Bowl commercials for years. “Whereas when you’re on the Super Bowl, it’s a really broad-brush audience”. It’s hard not to be moved, to weep with joy; there’s little in this world more emotionally powerful than a well-executed commercial for a product you more than likely do not need. This is the fourth year that CBS will stream the big game online, but the company this year says it has notably ramped up the number of devices users can use to do so. We turned to the Seeking Alpha transcript to refresh our memory on exactly what he said: “First is, we are going to start nearly immediately pivoting some of our spend up the funnel to what we would call more traditional brand spend”. “One is the game itself and the other is the series of commercials”.

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