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Street Fighter V Promises to Take Online Fights to the Next Level

Street Fighter V promises to take online fights to the next level. The newest game trailer for Capcom’s future Street Fighter V has just been released this week and it already shows an amazing player experience.

The trailer features a number of popular characters in this famous series, along with one returning character in the form of Nash. We are only a few days away from the major gaming hit that will hit stores all over the world.

Capcom’s huge fighting game has tons of buzz going for it and in order to help it increase even more, they have launched the CGI introduction movie trailer. In a similar way to the intros for previous releases in the series, it has several improvements and it shows a lot of battling with no fillers in between and many thrilling scenes of what is called liquid art.

Besides the wonderful creative oil paint-like graphics, the trailer provides a glimpse into the new game’s complex story. According to various sources in the gaming industry, there are a couple of main lines in progress: Necalli against Ryu and Nash against Bison.

Charlie Nash is the latest member in the list of powerful Street Fighters and is making a comeback in the SF gaming series. He was an officer in the US Army, along with Guile and, in order to save the life of his comrades during a fight with Bison, he sacrifices himself and in the new SFV game, Nash has returned to get vengeance on Bison.

There are not many details known Necalli, a character who was presented as the Gods’ Emissary. In his prologue part, one of the fighters is seen referring to Necalli and the legend surrounding him. He is also observed while battling Dhalsim, Bison and Ryu and taking their souls.

This means that he will be very important part in the future game. The new Street Fighter is a fully reenacted fighting game that is being designed by Capcom and Dimps. The series is scheduled for launch on Feb 16 for PlayStation 4 and PCs.

SFV will include many past characters and a handful of new figures as well. To complete the puzzle, this game will support cross-platform playing, which indicates that PS4 gamers will be capable to fight against PC players and the other way around.

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