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Scientists Confirmed: Mysterious FRBs Come from Space

The peculiar FRBs come indeed from space

The detection of some peculiar radio signals left scientists and astronomers puzzled. They confirmed that these fast radio bursts (FRBs) come indeed from space. However, they still make numerous speculations on what their origin could be.

Ten years ago, scientists spotted some weird radio signals which looked like they came from the outer space. After thorough investigations, they discovered that the waves come from space, but they could not find out how they came into being. This, of course, spiced many conspiracy theories.

Everybody wonders what is the origin of the FRBs

The most fervent believers in such theories say that these waves have an alien origin. In their view, they must have been sent by some extraterrestrial life form which has been watching our planet and is now waiting for a response. Scientists did not go that far with the speculations. However, they said they could only confirm the fact that the FRBs come from space.

These FRBs are signals which occur randomly and are very fluctuant. Scientists were surprised that they were able to spot them. However, they are still very difficult to study. Until now, they were not aware that FRBs can be displayed as such short and intense signals.

As mentioned earlier, scientists deny the theory that these signals are sent by aliens. They lack the proof that a life form from outer space is trying to contact us. Instead, they suggested that the collision of stars might be the source of the radio waves.

Using advanced tools to study the waves

Scientists were using the Molonglo Radio Telescope in Canberra when they spotted the FRBs. This is not a regular telescope. It has a larger focal length which allowed for a better view of the waves. However, researchers need more tools and more efforts until they can disclose all the mysteries of the signals.

The Molonglo Telescope captures around 1000 TB of data every day. Now, researchers are working on the improvement of the software which searches through all this huge amount of data and selects what is useful. So far, they succeeded in identifying the exact location of the FRBs.

The findings that the researchers have made so far were put together in a study. This study has recently been published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society and you can find it here.
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