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Researchers Spot FRBs Coming from a Distant Galaxy, Sparking New Debate Regarding Aliens

These FRBs are coming from galaxies situated three billion light-years away

Researchers made a discovery from outer space which seems to belong in a sci-fi movie. They detected a series of radio signals coming from deep space, produced by an unknown source situated three billion light-years away. As expected, this gave rise to a lot of controversies, and many people wondered if they could have been transmitted by an alien life form.

Researchers captured FRBs from deep space

Scientists captured 15 radio signals called fast radio bursts (FRBs) coming from an unknown source placed in a distant galaxy. This discovery was made possible thanks to Breakthrough Listen, a special program destined to look for intelligent life other than us in the universe.

Breakthrough Listen was initiated by Yuri Milner, philanthropist and internet investor, and Stephen Hawking. The program was launched in 2015, as scientists were analyzing galaxies and stars, and searched for signs of intelligent life forms and for alien technology.

These radio signals don’t automatically serve as proof for the existence of aliens

On August 26th, as scientists were studying galaxies with the help of their Green Bank Telescope from West Virginia, they managed to capture something that caught their attention. For five hours, they intercepted a number of 15 FRBs.

They described the FRBs as radio emissions which pulsated briefly, but powerfully enough. Also, the signals had an unknown origin. Even so, scientists managed to find out they were coming from a distant galaxy located about three billion light-years away.

Scientists didn’t confirm the FRBs are coming from aliens but, naturally, they sparked a lot of debate. While many people believe this is a clear sign of different intelligent life forms in the universe, others question the findings. However, big names are involved in the Breakthrough Listen project, so the discovery deserves to be taken seriously.
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