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Researchers Find Over 90 Volcanoes Trapped Under the Antarctic Ice

The Antarctic Ice is hosting over 100 volcanoes which threaten to become active

BEACON TRANSCRIPT – You would probably expect the highest concentration of volcanoes in the world to be placed somewhere in the Pacific, but scientists have just found out you were wrong. They discovered over 90 volcanoes trapped beneath the ice layer of Antarctica. This makes the continent the most ‘volcano populated’ area in the world.

At first, this might sound extremely unlikely. The idea of volcano implies fire and heat, so they will most probably not be found in a region covered in ice. However, Earth surprises us again, as Antarctica has plenty of volcanic activity.

More volcanoes hidden under the Antarctic ice

Previously, researchers knew of about 50 volcanoes hidden underneath the ice. A recent discovery surprised everyone, as their number nearly tripled, and this might not be all. Scientists are suspecting even more volcanoes could be hidden on the bottom of the sea.

Researchers haven’t been able to find these newly discovered volcanoes so far as they lie hidden under the ice layer. In fact, some of them might be covered by ice measuring more than a mile. Therefore, they required advanced technology to spot them, such as radars, satellite observations, or advanced geological data.

Global warming threatens the peace and quiet of these volcanoes

These volcanoes are not active, but the situation might not stay like that forever, posing threats to the sea level. Also, the current environmental state of the planet could be a trigger. As ice keeps melting, the pressure around the volcanoes might get relieved, facilitating an eruption.

Many ice shelves have already broken into pieces, setting icebergs free into the sea. The latest event of the kind was so massive that the entire balance of the ice shelf is in danger. This might lead to dozens of serious consequences, including sea level rise, ice melting and, of course, a trigger of volcanic activity in the Antarctic.
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