oneplus-2OnePlus 2 receives a $40 discount to its already affordable price. There is some fantastic news for all people who are seeking the famous OnePlus 2 smart phone, since it is now less expensive than ever despite its premium specifications.

The Chinese phone manufacturer OnePlus announced this week that it is cutting the price tag of its infamous “flagship killer”. This means that the second generation of OnePlus devices can be purchased, without invites, for only $350, or $40 less costly than its regular price.

A few weeks ago, OnePlus secretly pulled off the 16 GB edition of its OnePlus 2 cell phone from the US web store. While some people were satisfied to see this limited edition go away, it did indicate that the base cost for the OnePlus 2 could go up significantly.

Well, after only a short time, everything looks better for the majority of users. Another excellent news is that it is not just a limited marketing strategy. OnePlus declared that its methods have been adjusted using the Goldilocks concept to set the correct price, thanks to scaling and timing, so it is able to provide to its clients the device at this discounted price.

Since the costs to build an OnePlus 2 gadget have never been reduced, the company believes that now is the best chance to present a new modification, as its representatives have written in a short article. They believe that all achievements must be shared with their clients alike.

If someone has just bought the OnePlus 2 and is extremely upset because they did not benefit from the newest discount, there is nothing to worry about. OnePlus is giving the full $40 refunds to all people who purchased the product within the previous two weeks. Furthermore, anyone who buys a OnePlus smart phone will now get the OnePlus X or StyleSwap cover for free.

Launched in august last year, OnePlus 2 features the company’s own OxygenOS, which is based on the past Android version 5.0.2 and comes with a spacious 5.5” screen with a resolution of 1080p, with personalized navigation buttons that can disappear or only dim when they are not used.

It also arrives with the fingerprint reader to easily and safely open the device’s screen. Due to the invite-only program, OnePlus’ mobile phones have been hard to get your hands on. But the organization got rid of the invites system for its OnePlus 2 back in Dec and used the same flexible approach for the OnePlus X during the last weeks.

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