The Ophiuchus constellation located near Sagittarius and that is why the sign has the date before those born in Sagittarius

A new constellation was found and that means that we have more zodiacal signs now. This constellation named Ophiuchus was too weak and it was taken out of the system in order to have 12 signs, one for every month. The Ophiuchus constellation is believed to be located near Sagittarius and that is why the sign has the date before those born in Sagittarius.

NASA says that they did not change the astrology, they just pointed out the existence of this constellation.

“We didn’t change any zodiac signs, we just did the math,” said Dwayne Brown, NASA’s spokesperson.

The new dates and calendar were calculated by Minnesota Planetarium Society. The ones born from November 29 and December 17 now have this new sign. They are no longer a Sagittarius. They need to get used to the new sign and the fact that astrologist will predict their fate like they do with the other 12 signs.

The ones that believe in astrology are now offended by the reactions of the people and by this new revelation. Maybe because they have to remake all the criteria and add new characteristics for Ophiuchus.

The critics still don’t believe that is possible to predict someone’s fate and life with the help of his birth place and birth time. And they continue to pick on astrologist just because they continue to predict this kind of things.

People everywhere have started to complain and worry. Lots of messages were sent and posted by the people whose sign just change. And there are many.

This new discovery could be a way to show us that we don’t have the power to predict our lives with the birth time and that we are wrong in trying to do that. This also could be a way to develop new methods for those that are true believers in astrology.

Apparently, astrologist did not waste any time and already revealed some characteristics for this sign. The people born under this sign are taught to be loyal, trustworthy, passionate and curious. Of course, there are some bad things too like the fact that these people can be jealous, arrogant and have a wild temper.

Does this change affect your sign? What zodiacal sign are you?

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