firefox-os-mobileMozilla is ending its Firefox OS development in the next months. According to the new declaration made by Mozilla’s representatives, the organization plans to end the assistance for Firefox in mobile phones after the discharge of the 2.6 edition of the OS.

The firm has presented its plans after Mozilla said that its web-based Firefox OS system would stop to be offered for mobile phones. As per this statement from the developing group, Firefox for cellular deices would no longer use employee participation beyond April.

The organization declared that it intends to target the new Internet of Things platform and can certainly create new software for it. Numerous group associates are upset by the company’s choice, but the firm is convinced that its future objective should be discovering how they could make big changes for IoT.

From April, Mozilla’s division for applications developed for gadgets running on Firefox OS or Firefox for PC’s will stops taking submissions for the Android OS, desktops and tablets. After that date, all applications that do not support Firefox will be eliminated.

Mozilla said that these Firefox OS applications would still be allowed into 2017 and has not set a deadline for their removal. Firefox for mobile was initially developed in 2013 as an OS solution for cellular phones.

But, because other prominent systems like Android OS are now dominating the market, it fought to get a grip on it with only few Firefox OS gadgets. The first device was ZTE Open and it was initially released in Europe in 2013.

And, after exposing its plans to develop Firefox for smart TV, these set-ups went to selling last year. Mozilla has departed the smart phone world because of powerful competitors like Google, Apple, and, to smaller levels, Microsoft.

Its officials declared that the market composed of several established operating platforms and application ecosystems resulted in a major gap for Mozilla, and the circumstances were not present for the company to win in this segment.

Tech reviewers said in 2015 that Mozilla declared that it was abandoning its planes to develop a practical smart phone OS that could be a true competitor for the main iOS and Android platforms. Today, the organization has once again confirmed its move and provided new details on when or they will end Firefox OS for cellular phones and start concentrating on the Internet of Things.

Support for Firefox OS would completely stop after the next edition 2.6 arrives in the market. By the beginning of this summer, the company will have drawn all employees and sources from its Firefox OS system.

According to some journalists, the next edition that is planned to come this May could probably represent the last version of the operating system. The Firefox cellular industry will begin to close from the end of March, initially ending for new app distribution for Android OS, tablets and desktops, and then for Firefox OS-based applications sometime during next year.

The primary reason why they are talking these decisions is to make sure that the company is concentrating all its efforts and time on the Internet of things.

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