LG G5 revealed to have an always-on screen

The LG G5 is literally going to work overtime to impress you, and we know that now because it’s been confirmed to have an screen that never sleeps.

The forthcoming Android phone has an always-on display that keeps time, date and up to four notification icons visible, even when the screen is off, according to LG’s official Facebook account.

It appears to be able to display this glanceable information without actually lighting up the rest of the screen and, importantly, without wasting a ton of battery life.

Accomplishing this is often done by using OLED displays, which don’t require nearly as much power to light up black backgrounds. Black pixels are as close as it comes to being “switched off.”

This would signal a major shift in LG’s long use of IPS LCDs in mobile phones, joining Samsung, Motorola and its many other Android competitors with bright OLEDs.

We’ve seen this trick before

The LG G5 always-on display isn’t anything new – not even for LG. The company included a thin always-on second display at the top of the LG V10 to show the time, date and app shortcuts.

LG G4, the previous flagship, didn’t use an always-on display, but it did show the firm’s interest in making the time and date readily accessible.

The G4’s Glance View was an easy-to-pull down menu that shined these information essentials even when the screen was completely off. There’s history here for LG.


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