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Kangaroos Are Getting Too Abundant in Australia, Threatening the Balance of the Ecosystem

Kangaroos have become a threat for both Australians and the environment

The populations of kangaroos have kept growing in a worrying manner over the past years, until they reached 50 million. This is almost double the number of humans, which might turn into a small problem. To deal with this, researchers have encouraged Australians to start hunting the animals, and consume their meat.

Kangaroos get more and more abundant

The number of kangaroos in Australia has kept increasing from year to year. In 2010, statistics showed a population of 27 million, which turned into 45 million in 2014. As climate change affected the entire world, rains became more abundant on the continent. This contributed to the increase of food resources for animals, which led to the massive increase of the number of marsupials.

This is not exactly a good thing, as kangaroos can turn into pests. They often destroy crops and the fences which surround them, and eat livestock. Therefore, the Victorian Department of Sustainability and Environment encourages Australians to hunt them.

Most of the time, people contribute to this massive spread of kangaroos as well, as they feed them. Instead of taming them, this might even be worse, as several reports mentioned some episodes where the animals became violent towards people.

Australians are encouraged to eat more kangaroo meat

The situation cannot go on like this, as they are already a much too big threat. Therefore, both environment officials and scientists think Australians should direct their attention towards kangaroo meat, and start consuming it more. Slaughtering them and leaving them out to rot is excluded, but starting to consume their meat might be a solution to this growing issue.

Apart from greatly perturbing human activity, too many kangaroos can put biodiversity in danger. Any species that is overly abundant is a huge threat for the balance of the ecosystems. Therefore, doing something to reduce their numbers would not be unethical.
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