Phil Pearlman is one such Twitter user that had access to the GIF button, at least briefly.

As of now, there have been no official statements on the tests from Twitter, but when TechCrunch’s Jon Russell requested a comment, the company responded with a GIF which meant “may be or may be not”. A number of users have reported the button appearing sandwiched between the options for posting photos and polls when composing a tweet on a mobile device.

However, Twitter has yet to confirm or deny the existence of this novel feature for its apps. Pearlman did manage to share a screen shot he took of the button before it disappeared.

This new feature will provide Twitter users with something similar to the GIF button found inside Facebook Messenger, which pulls GIFs from Giphy and Rifsy. But why wouldn’t Twitter be interested in such a feature?

GIFs are gaining quite a lot of popularity in social media. Some other social networking services such as Tumblr and Pinterest also support GIFs. Branded GIFs will allow companies to promote their brands on the chat app for a charge. It’s not clear if Twitter is working with these partners or any other specific GIF platform at this time. Meanwhile, if the platform does integrate the GIF button, it might be only for fun or used as a revenue generator.

Twitter Is Testing A Dedicated GIF Button On Mobile


Source: mercurynewsdaily.com

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