Frieden expects to see the number of travel-related Zika cases rise.

Spain’s Health Ministry sought to ease concerns over the spread of the virus, pointing out that all seven cases in the country had caught the disease overseas. The agency had earlier suggested tests only for those with symptoms of the illness, which causes a fever, rash and red eyes.

Couples in which a man resides in or has traveled to an area of active Zika virus transmission who are concerned about sexual transmission of Zika virus may consider using condoms consistently and correctly during sex or abstaining from sexual activity.

During a teleconference on Friday, Dr. Frieden said because Zika is so new, they are “quite literally dicovering more about it each day”.

State health officials said Friday that a case of the Zika virus was found in Osceola County, outside Orlando, and one in St. Johns County, near Jacksonville. The other two cases occurred in 2016, with the pregnant woman picking up the virus in South America and the other individual contracting it in Central America, reports WUSA9. In addition to mosquitoes, it is transmitted through sex and, health officials said Thursday, blood transfusions.

Frieden offered his strongest comments yet about the link between the insect-borne virus and the birth defect microcephaly, which causes babies to be born with unusually small heads and cognitive problems. It is asking health care providers to perform antibody blood tests on pregnant women between two and 12 weeks after they return from travel.

Officials warned that the species of mosquito most commonly associated with transmission of Zika – the aedes mosquito – is not now active in New York City or the surrounding areas.

The CDC has recommended that pregnant women postpone trips to countries with Zika outbreaks, mostly in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Reiner said in the release he believes a large outbreak in the United States is unlikely, but worth
watching for.

“If they come back to the area and they have symptoms of Zika virus, that’s where it can spread apparently there are a few cases now where it has been transmitted from not casual contact but through sexual contact”, said Sweeney. There are no vaccines to protect against Zika virus. An Austin man who recently traveled to Colombia was diagnosed with Zika this week.

We may be getting the Zika story all wrong


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