google vr headset 1Google plans to launch a new and improved VR headset later this year and its plans concerning the virtual reality roam expand beyond what we have seen until now. The web company wants to produce a better VR device later in 2015, according to several articles released this week by tech media.

An heir to the infamous Cardboard VR headset that the company launched in back 2014, this new phone-based gadget will feature enhanced sensors and a lens system located in a strong plastic covering, according to these sources.

The company’s innovative gadget would also supposedly be compatible with a larger number of Android systems than the Samsung Gear VR, this being currently only suitable for a select variety of company’s own Galaxy mobile phones.

Even if the search engine has not commented on this new speculation, it confirmed its focus on VR  platforms during Alphabet’s conference last week. This move should further accentuate the massive interest that tech organizations have shown for virtual reality, which hopes to transfer goggle-wearing customers to many other 3D environments.

Facebook is currently on the edge of launching its long-anticipated Oculus Rift device, while Sony, HTC and Samsung are also intensely dedicated to the VR field. In the meantime, Microsoft’s HoloLens targets augmented reality, a new domain that includes 3D computer-based scenarios to people’s perspective of their real life.

Furthermore, Apple has allegedly constructed a key research system concentrated on augmented and virtual reality. These tech giants say that their new gadgets could significantly improve the way in which we relate to computer systems and even the way in which interact with other people in society.

Whether customers will agree with this fact is still uncertain, but the Samsung Gear VR system, which was created in collaboration with the giant Facebook, was launched in 2015 for only $100. Of course, this is without the cost of the flagship phone that has to power the VR headset and the South Korean company still has to tell us how well it is sold.

Other significant gadgets, varying from the $600 Oculus Rift to the HTC Vive and Sony PlayStation VR system are all rumored to be launched during this summer. Google did not want to make an official statement regarding this aspect, but one of its representatives signaled their organization’s ongoing interest in the virtual reality technologies during the press meeting held a week ago.

It is still amazing to discover the deep mechanisms for VR devices as a system so Card board was just Google’s first step into this vast world, but they are thrilled by the improvement they have seen, the officials said during the business call.

The search engine’s associates have delivered more than 5 million Cardboard units and they lately joined forces with several US newspapers for a VR experience during which over one million members got a Cardboard.

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