tobii-gaming-laptopGamers will be able to play using only an eye tracking device. It did not arrive in Jan as expected, but the MSI Tobii-805 game playing laptop with the Tobii Eye monitoring feature is now offered in the US market too.

For the costly price tag of $2,500 anyone who is interested in it can get the clamshell sporting a performing 2.7 GHz Skylake Primary i7 chipset, a GTX graphic gard with 8 GB of dedicated storage, 32 GB of RAM, 1 TB HDD and the modern 256 GB SSD.

All this energy under the case is transferred to a large 17-inch monitor with a resolution of 1080p, plus you receive the Blu-ray disk burner and one copy of The Division, a item that is scheduled for launch next month with Tobii assistance.

The headlining function of this device, however, is its eye-tracking system, as it is the first ever notebook to arrive with this technology built-in. some users were capable to test an earlier edition of the MSI gadget with Tobii features during the CES tech event held in Jan.

As its name indicates, eye-tracking functions use a digicam to see a person’s eye motions. It is utilized as a way of action control on numerous gadgets. They are generally allowing customers to carry out certain activities based on particular motions of their eyes.

For instance, with the recent laptop, people might be capable to focus on things only by looking at them, then putting a hold on the game just by looking in another direction. Tobii’s eye monitoring can be utilized for a series of utilitarian features.

Most significantly, for players it could be utilized as a fully functional controlling platform, instead of playing around with the keyboard and mouse control keys. Tobii allows its users to manage their characters in gaming activities that support this innovative option.

People can study the new eye-tracking features in several video clips that have been uploaded on the Internet, along with a part of the major game playing notebooks that MSI has in store for the upcoming months.

For gaming streamers, MSI’s new device also arrives with an XSplit Gamecaster application, which can show the overlay of a user’s eye monitoring his motions directly on the live streams. This lets the viewers to observe precisely where the gamers are looking at during the entire gaming session.

The eye trackers also support Microsoft’s Windows Hello and biometric verification. For those people who can support the cost, it appears to be an amazing laptop, however they cannot purchase one for every member of the family members. The company is currently restricting its offers to just one device for every client.

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