“I will keep working, literally, until the last minute”, Clinton told reporters after a stop at the Dunkin’ Donuts on Granite Street in Manchester.

Clinton repeated her accusation that Sanders and his campaign are engaged in an “artistic smear” by using innuendo against her. “This is an African-American law professor who tried to do the right thing, and he admitted it. He said, ‘I lied about her’”. The University of New Hampshire’s Survey Center, which completed the interviews, will be calling voters Sunday and Monday, and CNN and WMUR will release an update to the numbers again on Monday evening. JAKE TAPPER: Hillary Clinton so far has been asked by journalists to release the transcripts from speeches, especially those to Goldman Sachs and others.

Now, however, he is a major Clinton backer and has regularly targeted Sanders.

Hillary Clinton says she’ll release the transcripts of speeches she gave to private groups if her opponents in the presidential race do, too. “You are bringing energy, ideas and urgency to our shared causes”, Clinton said.

The swollen congregation rose to its feet Sunday afternoon as Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton told them she will stand with Flint during its water crisis. Elizabeth Warren about the bill in which she suggests Clinton had “taken money” from such groups.

Sanders’ strength with younger voters only heightens the threat he poses to what was once Clinton’s decisive national lead.

The chair of the Michigan Republican Party, Ronna Romney McDaniel, accused Clinton with using Flint families as “political pawns” and said the visit was a “calculated campaign tactic – an attempt to grab headlines by a struggling campaign”. But to rebut questions about trust, Clinton turned to people who have both worked with Sanders and endorsed her.

Clinton said one voted for a bad bankruptcy bill in 2001 because of the necessities of legislative deal-making – in this case, changing a provision that would have made it easier for people declaring bankruptcy to avoid making child support payments.

The reflective, first-person turn in the stump speech is unusual for Clinton, who has used most of her appearances in the past few months to focus on Republicans and her policies, not directly reach out to Sanders’ supporters.

Clinton remarked at Thursday night’s Democratic debate that she would “look into” releasing them, which many observers viewed as a classic dodge.

Democratic Party Officials Recognize Errors in Iowa Caucus Count


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