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Conspiracy Theorist Claims Doomsday is Coming, as Planet Nibiru Will Destroy Earth

A new conspiracy theory claims doomsday is approaching, as Nibiru will collide with Earth in September

Conspiracy theorists have returned with a new date for doomsday. This time, they claim Earth will be struck by a planet called Nibiru. The collision will take place in September, and will bring the demise of our planet and all its inhabitants. Apparently, hints have been present all along on the pyramids, as well as on the Great Sign of Revelation 12.

The doomsday date is written on the pyramids

The author of this conspiracy theory is David Meade, a Christian numerologist, who is also known for writing Planet X: the 2017 Arrival. He claims the Great Pyramid of Giza, as well as the Great Sign of Revelation, direct us to a clear moment in time. This moment is placed between September 20th and 23rd and, according to him, it indicates doomsday.

Meade also says Nibiru will become visible on the sky before it reaches close to Earth and clashes with it, destroying our planet. It is assumed to strike right at the center of Earth’s land mass, managing to destroy it.

All conspiracy theories are scientifically unfounded

These claims regarding doomsday are based on a passage from the Bible, from Isaiah Chapter 13 9-10. The passage should indicate the pyramids as a source of information regarding the incoming apocalypse. Moreover, the parallel which goes over the highest surface of land crosses the meridian which does the same in two points, one at the Pyramid of Giza and the other in the ocean.

This is not the first time when doomsday rumors surface all over the internet. However, NASA insists there’s no such thing as an incoming apocalypse. The planet Nibiru does not exist, and nothing will destroy Earth in the near future. Everything is just a hoax meant to misinform and confuse the population, and nobody supporting these claims should be trusted.
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