Hillary Clinton grew sarcastic on Sunday discussing her oft-criticized paid speeches to the financial industry, saying on ABC’s This Week that she would release the transcripts of them when everyone else who’s given private speeches had. She told the crowd at the Minnesota rally that the United States needs to strip away legal immunity for gun manufacturers, protections she went on to say “President Sanders” once voted for. Although Clinton offered Sanders a slight olive branch – reaching out particularly to his young supporters – she also said that Thursday night’s debate in New Hampshire made it clear “there is only one candidate who is prepared to do all aspects of the job on day one”. At an appearance Saturday at New England College in Henniker, she fielded several questions from students who asked how she could regain voters’ trust and win the White House.

CNN’s Jake Tapper asked Clinton about the implication from the Sanders campaign that Clinton changed her vote on a bankruptcy bill fifteen years ago as a senator. As is often the case in New Hampshire, things could change quickly.

Eight in 10 young people surveyed in Iowa said honesty or caring about people like them are the top qualities for which they are looking. If Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders continue arguing at this rate, they’ll demolish their entire movement’s reason for existing. “Her husband campaigned successfully in a number of campaigns here”.

Sanders added, “I just don’t understand where the Clinton people are coming from hiring somebody like that”. Asked for an example, she said, “I think speaking fees”.

“Again, on the most important issue of our time, I was right, Hillary Clinton was wrong”. Why give a gift to Bernie Sanders when he has already tied her in the polls?

Clinton leads Sanders 48 percent to 45 percent among Democratic voters, according to the poll of 512 Americans, conducted February 2-5 following the Iowa caucus. This is in contrast to reports that Clinton won all coin flips that were performed during the night.

Clinton said she has had a long history of taking on the toughest issues while many of her opponents try to “sow doubts” about her. “I know that I am viewed as a direct threat to the forces that call a lot of shots in this country”, she said.

During her remarks Sunday, she called the situation in Flint “immoral” and said that if a situation like this had happened in a wealthier community, “I think we all know we would have had a solution yesterday”. “Look, I mean, obviously, Vermont and New Hampshire are separated by a river, we are close states”, he told Tapper.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders I-Vt shakes hands as they greet the audience before the audience before a Democratic presidential primary debate hosted by MSNBC at the Univer


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