Apple’s preloaded iPhone and iPad software may no longer be confined to its mobile operating system, with CEO Tim Cook hinting that more apps could leap from iOS 9 to Android. “Cook said that Apple is using Apple Music on Android as a way of testing the waters for growing its services division through other platforms, opening up the door for more porting in the future”.

The Apple Music for Android is still in beta and Apple is right to do so. Cook reportedly said that Apple is in early preparations to bring its retail stores to the country.

Though iPhone sales hit 74.8 million units during the most recent quarter, an all-time high, it was an increase of less than 1% from 74.5 million in the same period one year ago.

Cook didn’t specify which Apple apps and services could one day make their way to Android, but there are several key suspects that Android switcher would like to see. Apple is expected to launch its 4-inch iPhone 5se, new bands for Apple Watch and a new iPad Air 3 on March 15. Soon after, Beats Pill and Apple Music arrived on Android. And depending on what size of SD card your device supports, you can wind up storing the bulk of your music library on it, saving your data by reducing streaming in the process.

Apple Music users on Android now have the ability to save tracks to a microSD card for offline listening. Those services include iCloud apps and storage, Apple Pay, and iMessage, just to name a few. If the test goes well, he says the company is open to bringing other services onto these other platforms as well. This has seemingly worked for Redmond and might be the blueprint that Apple intends to follow.

Apple In Early Stage To Setup Its Own Retail Stores In India


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