Apple_TV_with_remoteApple brings a series improvements to its smart TV set box. When the latest Apple TV system was revealed last Sept, it showed a huge progress for the organization’s digital player system, which formerly had not received an important update since 2012.

Even if the case itself seemed to be the same, albeit wider, it featured more efficient hardware and a revolutionary peripheral named Siri Remote. This accessory introduced Siri to Apple’s smart TV, but it also made browsing much quicker by presenting a touchpad as the main way of going around its operating system.

The fourth-gen Apple TV got rid of the old and outdated platform for a fully hauled OS known as tvOS that is based on the primary iOS. tvOS permits not only more proprietary features, such as Siri search options, but put out the Apple TV system to all app designers, letting them to make applications and gaming activities for TV set box.

Yet despite a guarantee to enhanced the user experience, tvOS seemed incomplete, as if they were in a hurry to fulfill a tight deadline. Both designers and customers reported the absence of primary functions in the operating system along with program bugs.

The criticism of Apple’s applications has not been restricted only to Apple TV either. As some experts have pointed out lately, complexity, function gaps and app bugs have affected Apple’s integration across gadgets.

Then, during the last weeks, Apple TV got into a media battle with some US channels who revealed that the company was disappointed over its incapacity to build TV offers with significant content suppliers for the system’s allegedly delayed streaming TV service.

This problem was accentuated by the information that key app developers from the company had left it for its rivals. Now the organization has launched the third try out version of the tvOS 9.2, its next upgrade for Apple TV.

It seems that the update will deal with many disadvantages that customers hated in the application, notices tech media. For example, the new tvOS will include Siri dictation assistance to Apple’s smart TV. A large part of the users have been disappointed that while they could ask their VA various questions or instruct Siri to carry out activities like starting certain applications, a primary feature of Siri for iOS.

The capability to dictate messages and have these displayed on the screen has been missing in tvOS. In the new version, that function is now included and will make the sign in information, security passwords and various texts much simpler on the system.

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