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Google Is Increasing the Online Security Measures for Gmail Services

Google is increasing the online security measures for gmail services. On the event of Safe Internet, Google’s officials said in its weblog that they would make important modifications in the way in which it is protecting its customers.

The weblog shows that the search engine has already a series of actions in place such as encryption in data traffic using TLS or other market conventional verification methods. However, it is currently trying to make sure that even when the e-mails are coming from and going to services that do not adhere to similar precautionary features, the Gmail customer will be informed.

The weblog says states if Gmail’s clients receives messages from, or they are about to deliver an -email, to a person whose e-mail provider does not use TLS security measures, the consumer will see the broken link symbol in the messages.

Also, each time when the Gmail clients get an e-mail that cannot be authenticated, they will see the question mark where is should be the sender’s user profile photo, business logo and avatar. The company affirms that not any affected message is necessarily harmful, but suggests its customers to be cautious about responding to, or even clicking on dubious links found in these e-mails.

Google wants to increase the protection for its free e-mail platform by allowing its customers to know whenever pieces of data appear via unencrypted links and that might be vulnerable to spying and tampering.

These alerts will start to be released in the next months, according to Gmail’s security group who wrote about this problem in a short article recently. While these risks do not have a negative impact on the interaction between Gmail accounts, they could affect communication between e-mail providers.

The statement came with research results showing that e-mail security is currently increasing, along with actions to combat junk and scams by better identification features. However, the search engine announced that it discovered online areas where e-mail security was being discreetly turned off.

In addition, it found out harmful web servers designed to completely hijack Gmail information by offering them fake redirecting data. While this kind of cyber strike is unusual, it is very concerning since it may allow hackers to censor and modify information before these are sent to the message receiver, Google’s experts said in their statement.

Google, Yahoo or other online companies have been attempting to increase security of sites and e-mail in their effort to improve online privacy among growing issues about user monitoring and hacking. Google also offered free storage space on the event of Safer Internet and the company wanted its customers to reevaluate their profile’s security configurations.

The search engine’s Gmail also lately got in the news again for being the seventh service of the company that reaches one billion active users per month. In the summer of 2015, the platform got up to 900 million customers and also decided to offer the upgraded Google Inbox service to its clients.

Gmail increased with more than 100 percent its user number from three years ago, when the customer base was only around 400 million people.

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