This may all lead to more Apple ports on Android in the foreseeable future. Either that, or the Apple TV will need to usher in an app revolution a’la the original iPhone.

At a company-wide Town Hall meeting, Cook reportedly said the Apple Watch sold better during the holiday shopping rush than the iPhone did back in 2007. This could mean even more applications – like the recently released Apple Music – for competing mobile platforms, like Android. But with the government easing up foreign investment rules on single brands and relaxing mandatory local procurement conditions for high-tech companies, the doors are now open for Apple to make a direct foray. Apple’s messaging service iMessage would be a welcome addition to the Android marketplace for a large number of users who spend their days with a foot in each world, running an Android phone by day but an iPad by night.

We were expecting Apple Music to turn up on Android for several months before it actually did, but the app’s November Google Play Store roll-out was no less of a jolt. Analysts said the low smartphone base, launch of 4G telecom services and the number of young people have increased India’s attractiveness for Apple. Beyond hardware-centric features like SD support, Apple has also done a decent job sticking to Android design standards, though the app remains saddled with a 3-star average review rating. Microsoft over the past year or so has been especially active in expanding the reach of its software and services beyond Windows. Both Google and Microsoft have made bold initiatives to make their software available on as many devices as possible, regardless of operating system.

Apple Music for Android now lets you save songs to an SD card


Source: mercurynewsdaily.com

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