You now have more time to clean up your mess.
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

latest update give users more time to delete accidental
messages after they’ve been sent.

Its message deletion feature,
introduced last October, previously gave us just seven
minutes to undo a potential mess. Now the “delete for everyone”
option is available for just over an hour.

If you find yourself frequently sending messages you later
regret, you need a messaging service that lets you pretend
they never happened. That’s exactly what you get with
WhatsApp’s message deletion feature — and now you have even
more time to clean up after yourself.

extends message deletion window

reports that the latest version of WhatsApp extends the
message deletion window significantly — from just seven
minutes to a strangely specific one hour, eight minutes, and
16 seconds. This gives you time to delete entire
conversations if you need to.

The “delete
for everyone” option, as its name suggests, removes the message
from all devices. You’ll no longer see it as the sender — and
neither will any of the recipients. It’s available in both
one-to-one conversations and group chats.

is yet to confirm the increase or explain the decision behind
it. The service doesn’t yet offer a temporary messaging
feature like Snapchat, but this gives users the ability to
send messages that can be deleted after the recipient has had
plenty of time to read them.

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