Ring today announced
that its acquisition by Amazon has been completed, and following
the merger, Amazon has permanently dropped the price tag of the
entry-level first-generation Ring Video Doorbell.

The Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell is
now available from Amazon for $99.99, $50 off of the
original $149 MSRP for the accessory. The Video Doorbell, which
offers 720p video, is designed to allow you to see and speak to
anyone who comes to the door using a connected smartphone.

While the entry-level Ring is available for $99, upgraded
versions are more expensive. The
Video Doorbell 2 with 1080p resolution is $199, the

Video Doorbell Pro, which is hardwired, is $249, and the

Video Doorbell Elite, described as a “professional-grade
doorbell” is $499. Ring also makes a line of
Spotlight and
Floodlight Cams.

Ring and Amazon are aiming to cut down on crime in
neighborhoods with their partnership, and an LAPD pilot program
has suggested the Ring Video Doorbell can reduce burglaries by
as much as 55 percent.

“Our mission to reduce crime in neighborhoods has been at the
core of everything we do at Ring,” said Jamie Siminoff, CEO and
Chief Inventor of Ring. “Together with Amazon, we will
accelerate our mission dramatically by connecting more
neighbors globally and making our security devices and systems
more affordable and accessible. The entire Ring team is excited
to continue working hard to create products and services that
bring real benefits to people’s lives and build safer
communities for all our neighbors.”

Ring has been promising to add HomeKit integration
to its products for months now, and the company says that despite
its Amazon acquisition, HomeKit support continues to be in the
works for the Ring Pro and the Floodlight Cam.

first announced its acquisition of Ring back in late
February, paying over $1 billion for the smart home company.
Ring is part of a new smart home strategy for Amazon, and marks
Amazon’s second major smart home purchase following its
December Blink acquisition.

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