iPhone 8
Qualcomm wants China to stop making iPhones.
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bitter legal feud with Qualcomm is being taken to an all-new
level over in China.

The San Diego-based chip company
has filed a lawsuit with a Beijing intellectual property court
demanding all sales and production of the iPhone to be

According to a report from
Bloomberg, Qualcomm is claiming patent infringement and
seeking injunctive relief. Christine Trimble, a Qualcomm
spokeswoman, said that “Apple employs technologies invented
by Qualcomm without paying for them.”

vs Apple

lawsuit comes right as Apple is trying to ramp up iPhone X
and iPhone 8 production leading into the holiday shopping
season. Most of Apple’s iPhone production is done in China.
It would be a huge blow to supply if a legal battle caused a

The two
companies have been
fighting in courts during most of 2017. Apple filed an
anti-trust lawsuit against Qualcomm earlier this year
asserted it abuses its position to make Apple pay an unfair
amount for essential patents.

In its new lawsuit in China, Qualcomm says
its case is based on three non-standard essential patents. The
patents cover the technology behind Force Touch and power
management features.

Most of
Qualcomm’s profits come from licensing tech patents to other
companies, even though most of its sales from smartphone
Apple stopped making payments for some of Qualcomm’s
patented tech earlier this year saying it would wait for the
courts to decide what is fair.

lawsuit in China was filed on Sept. 29 but the court
documents have not been made public yet. Qualcomm’s legal
attack suffered a blow earlier this week after Taiwan’s Fair
Trade Commission fined
Qualcomm $773 million for antitrust violations over the
last seven years.

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