New vehicle owners who have purchased a car that’s equipped with
Apple CarPlay or Android Auto are satisfied with the system and
are increasingly relying on it for all in-car tasks, according to

a new report released today by Strategy Analytics.

In a survey querying new vehicle owners that have Apple CarPlay
or Android Auto installed in their vehicles, Strategy Analytics
found that 34 percent of CarPlay owners rely on CarPlay for all
of their audio infotainment needs, while 27 percent of Android
Auto users use the Android platform exclusively for audio

32 percent of CarPlay users and 33 percent of Android Auto
users rely on those systems for all of their navigation needs,
with CarPlay’s slightly lower number here likely attributable
to customers who continued to be unsatisfied with Apple Maps
compared to other mapping apps like Google Maps or Waze.

Speech recognition usage is said to be “strong” across both
sets of users, with CarPlay owners taking advantage of Siri for
hands-free tasks while driving.

Overall, more than 85 percent of CarPlay and Android Auto users
are “somewhat or very satisfied” with their system, and more
than 90 percent are likely to recommend those systems to

In a similar report from October, Strategy Analytics learned
that CarPlay is becoming an
increasingly important feature that consumers look for when
purchasing a vehicle.

In the United States, for example, 23 percent of respondents
said that CarPlay was a “must have” feature for a new car,
while another 56 percent said they were “interested” in
vehicles equipped with CarPlay.

While CarPlay has been available since 2015, car manufacturers
did not begin widely adopting the feature until mid-2016.
CarPlay is now included in many new vehicles from a wide range
of manufacturers, with more than
200 vehicles on the market offering CarPlay support.

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