Starting tomorrow, the
major credit card companies in the United States are officially
eliminating the signature requirement for purchases, marking an
end to a long running but increasingly unnecessary policy.

American Express, Visa, Discover, and Mastercard first
announced plans to
end credit card signatures late last year, but have now
confirmed to
The Verge
that the policy change will go into effect
starting on April 13. American Express, Mastercard, and
Discover all plan to stop requiring signatures tomorrow, while
Visa plans to follow later in the month.

Credit and debit card companies have long required signatures
for purchases as an added security measure, but with technology
improvements that include contactless payments and the adoption
of EMV chip technology, signatures are an outdated
authentication method.

Officially eliminating signatures when making a purchase will
allow for a more consistent, streamlined, and speedy checkout
experience for both merchants and cardholders. It should also
streamline the Apple Pay experience in the United States, as a
signature can on occasion
be required for purchases over $50 when using Apple Pay, a step
that will be eliminated when the signature changes become

American Express plans to end the signature requirement in the
United States and other countries around the world, while
Mastercard will eliminate it in the United States and Canada.
Discover plans to end signatures in the United States, Canada,
Mexico, and the Caribbean, and Visa is making signatures
optional in North America for companies that offer chip

All merchants continue to be able to collect signatures if
required to do so by an applicable law in a particular

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