Shop Nyloon’s colorfully cool collection of NATO nylon bands
for Apple Watch. Shown here is the Seafarer.
Photo: Christopher Lavan

Buy two nylon Apple Watch bands from Nyloon for $65.
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Nyloon just introduced six fun new designs to
its collection of nylon Apple Watch bands right on time for
spring shopping. Best yet, these bands compare in quality
Apple’s nylon offering, and cost ten bucks less.

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Best List: Nylon Apple Watch bands by Nyloon

The new Stark nylon band.

Apple Watch straps echo the original version in a fresh,
modern way. Its bands are crafted from two pieces of thick
and tough ballistic nylon built to battle the worst weather

some subtle heft to the band as a result of its quality
materials and construction. The bands are super-comfortable,
lightweight and versatile, and add a bit of tacti-cool
street cred to your wrist. Swap them out in a flash
with Nyloon’s new spring-bar adapter.

in Spain, Nyloon was acquired by two best friends, Tesha and
Ant, who were raised in military town, Fayetteville, NC. NATO
bands resonated with the friends who found the tenacity of
nylon to be the perfect material to work with for two
creative military brats.

The new Bellamy nylon band.

Nyloon started making nylon bands that did not cover the
sensor of Apple Watch as per the original NATOs.

new life into your existing Apple Watch or customize your new
Series 3 with a cool, contemporary nylon band inspired by the
original NATO strap of the 1970s.

All bands feature complementary-colored stitching. Adapters
come in either steel or black to match your watch.

Available for Apple Watch Series 1-3, and in 38 mm and 42

Brand-new to Nyloon’s collection is the Nevi Nylon Band in
black, gray and red. Note the precise, complementary
Photo: Nyloon

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