Mozilla has updated Firefox for iOS with some notable changes,
including new iPad features and default tracking protection in
both regular and private browsing sessions.

The additional privacy measure means users get automatic ad and
content blocking when browsing unless they opt out, while those
who want to selectively deploy Tracking Protection need only
tap the menu button and slide the feature’s toggle.

On the iPad front, Mozilla has added the ability to re-order
multiple open tabs to prioritize them. To do so, long-press a
specific tab and drag it into the desired position. Meanwhile,
in Split View, it’s now possible to share and open links by
dragging and dropping them to and from Firefox to any
application, whether they’re in an email or a tweet.

Firefox has also implemented new keyboard shortcuts for
standard navigation, as well as several improvements for easier
tab tray navigation, like Command-Option-Tab to get to and from
the all tabs view. Users seeking more details on the full range
of keyboard shortcuts available in Firefox can check
Mozilla’s online guide.

for iOS is a free download for iPhone and iPad available on the
App Store. [Direct

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