Face Id
Apple wants to make smart glasses that don’t look dorky.
Photo: Apple

Apple is gearing up to make a big play in the world of
augmented reality glasses with its newest investment.

The iPhone-maker has
reportedly made a big investment into AR display component
maker EMagin Corp, giving Apple a key partner in its quest to
build an AR headset that looks good.

Apple has been rumored to be building an AR headset for over
a year now. The company supposedly has a team of hundreds of
engineers and designers on the project. Tim Cook has said he
thinks augmented reality will be bigger than virtual reality,
but the technology for great AR glasses isn’t there yet.

Apple’s investment in EMagin, the company may have found a
company to help take AR to the next level. Apple was joined
by LG Display Co., virtual reality startup Immerex, gaming
company Valve Corp., and investor Stillwater Holdings LLC in
the investment round. The total amount raised was $10.6
million, according to a report from

makes small OLED screens for AR and VR headsets. The
company’s technology makes images look sharper than most AR
and VR displays currently in use. Apple is supposedly aiming
to have its AR product ready by 2020.

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