Foldable iPhone Apple is serious
about creating a foldable iPhone. Above, is a drawing for a
patent Apple was granted last year.
Photo: Apple

LG is reportedly in business with Apple to develop a foldable

A South Korean news
site, citing unnamed industry sources, said LG has two separate
teams working on key components for a flexible handset that could
debut by 2020.

supposed partnership was reported Wednesday in The
blog of The Korea Herald. The report
also said Apple sidestepped Samsung Electronics, which
currently supplies the OLED screen for the iPhone X, to avoid
its main competitor from stealing technology for its own

LG Display
appointed a team to work on a flexible OLED screen. Its sister
company, parts maker LG Innotex, also has a team to work on a
design for an RFPCB, or rigid flexible printed circuit board,
the unnamed sources said.

Apple is considering
investing in an LG plant to ramp up OLED production, the report
said. Apple was granted
a U.S. patent for a foldable, flexible screen last year.

Samsung is
said to be coming out with a foldable phone sometime next year.
LG has been working on a foldable OLED panel prototype for a
couple of years and continues to tinker with it to improve
durability, the report said.


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