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Celebrities and activists want Apple to ditch its NRA
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Apple is
one of three companies, including Amazon and FedEx, named in
a celebrity and activist boycott of companies with supposed
ties to the National Rifle Association (NRA).

If you’re wondering about what possibly links
the typically progressive Apple could have with the more
conservative NRA, it’s apparently related to Apple’s silence
over whether it will remove the NRAtv streaming TV station.

That same
criticism is also being made of Amazon, while FedEx is
criticized for continuing its discount program for NRA
members. The protestors argue that both things contribute to
gun violence in the United States.


activists — which includes celebrities Alyssa Milano and Debra
Messing — are calling for a 24-hour boycott of the companies in
order to make their point. They also want Apple and Amazon to
drop NRAtv. Daniel Reed, father of a Parkland shooting
survivor, is involved with a
petition asking Amazon to drop NRAtv. It has passed its
goal of 200,000 signatures, and will now be forwarded to Amazon
CEO Jeff Bezos.

A tweet
from actress Alyssa Milano, announcing the boycott, was
meanwhile retweeted more than 6,000 times in just a few
hours. Apple has yet to publicly respond to the complaints.

With the
exception of offering NRAtv on its platform, Apple seems to
have not been previously linked with the NRA in any
significant way.
Several years ago, following a tragic school shooting in
Connecticut, there was a minor short-term controversy when
the NRA launched a new shooting game in the App Store — with
the somewhat suspect age restriction of four and up.

Do you think Apple should ditch the app as requested? Let us
know your thoughts in the comments below.

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