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Mind Control VR – Neurable


Here we have another example of machine learning to improve technology; mind control. Neurable have created a wizards hat, no more plastic wands!

Neurable, the world’s first BCI (Brain Computer Interface) platform designed specifically for developers of mixed-reality experiences. What this actually means is that developers have the chance to use this device to create new media, the focus, their mind as the tool. 

The device is an adapted Vive that has a number of sensors built into an adapted strap that read  event-related potentials from your brain; specific signals that happen when the brain responds to stimuli. this will, in turn, allow for an intention-based method of interaction. The sensors are read by computers set up to learn. Theoretically, the more the devices are used, the more they will understand each small nuance of thought.

This is not an exact science so it will be very interesting to see how the device progresses.

Keep this in mind though, Neurable are not a gaming company. Based in Boston, Neurable are a startup  working on the brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) required for mind control.

Thats right, mind control. Now we are not talking about Professor X levels of mind control but you get the idea.


Mind Control

As you can see in the demo below, the participant is not using their hands but they are still interacting with the game through thought alone. 

The game is “Awakening”. You play a child in a government lab who is trying  to escape by using objects in the room.
Basically, this is an escape the room game. You are trying to develop powers this child has.  The correlations the devices development has with the child are nice to see. In line with this, the general public are being awakened to possibilities of BCI’s by this devices very existence. 

Neurable are working towards implementing their vision in VR arcades, hopefully sometime in 2018.

Finally, if we hear of any more news at the gadgethelpline regarding this special device we will be sure to let you know.



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