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Browser Support On Your Fire TV – Installation Guide

If you hunt through Googles tangled pathways in the hopes of installing browser support on your Fire TV the answer is not very clear.

There is a way to add browser functions though.

Adding browser support

There is an app available on Amazon called Downloader by This app adds browser functionality with quite a few options and features included. 

You will need to visit Amazon and sign in. before adding Downloader.

This app should be downloaded instantly once you add it. If not then go to the search option in the main menu of your Fire TV. Type in ‘Downloader app’ and it should show in the list.

Select ‘Downloader’ and you should see the following screen:

get downloader app

Select ‘Get’. If you see the following, this is not an issue as long as your TV remote is working with the Fire.

fire tv remote not detected

Downloader should now be installed. Your Home page should be showing it or it will be on ‘Your Apps & Games’.

Fire home page downloader app

your app games

Select Downloader

downloader app home

Adding a Favorite

When it loads we advise entering something like This means you can add it to favorites now to make things quicker next time:

Pop in the address you wish to favorite and click ‘Go’

add address to browse

After it has loaded select the options button as shown below.

select downloader optionsdownloader options

Select add current page to favorites:

add current page

Select Save.

save favorite

Now every time you wish to load it and do a basic search, do the following:

Click Favorites.

downloader favorites

Select your Favorite link of choice.

select favorite

No connected Fire remote

If you are using your TV’s remote to control your Fire TV then the buttons available are as follows:

Direction arrows and Ok/Enter.

Back and Exit/Cancel.

Skip forward and Skip backward to zoom in and out.

Downloader allows full screen mode which is great but be aware of the following:

Without the original remote, unfortunately, there is no way of exiting Full screen mode without restarting the device.


We installed the app and have been testing it and thumbs up so far; no major issue or bugs.The app only asks you if you wish to donate every now and then. This was tested by opening and closing the app a number of times with no repetition.

Enjoy your added browser support.

For gadget support and all other tech related issues, head over to gadgethelpline.




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