Twitter-gif buttonTwitter is adding a new button for sharing animated GIFs. Twitter’s numerous customers could soon have more options to express their feelings in much more lively ways. Certain Twitter members have published screenshots of news GIF keys in the center of the posts and poll choices, which they observed while writing messages on their Android operating application.

One of the posters informed the tech media that the buttons vanished soon after they took these screen shots. Twitter is apparently testing the option, one that could make sharing animated pictures on various social networks much easier.

As per members’ brief encounters with the new GIF key, the features either allows for people to search through popular GIF images or to find out certain ones in the numerous groups. The micro blogging website did not offer its official opinion on the function yet.

Fans and experts cannot say which image provider the website will associate with when the option is indeed added to the posts. The incorporation has become vital for tweets, particularly after Facebook launched the popular and non-verbal methods of interaction through online discussions.

Twitter has noticed its popularity decrease lately and the social platform adopted some actions to restore its once-massive customer base, like delivering regular upgrades and redeveloped schedule. According to the latest API testing information, the percentage of customer posts has decreased with 50% since Aug 2014.

The company states that it registers more than 300 active customers per month. The special GIF key may help the site to keep current customers amused and also entice new people to use its service. Moreover, the website has seen a surge in the variety of non-active and silent members, those who barely make any Twitter posts.

The leaving of experienced professionals and fall of stock price reaching a record low in Jan damaged the investors’ assurance. Twitter is supposed to review its quarterly profits on Feb 10, so could the new recent increase, or just maintain, the number of members? We will have to wait for now and see how it goes.

Facebook’s GIF features brought by the online community are a reason for the rest of social networks to learn how important advancements and an appropriate update of features could maintain the user lists. Using GIFs represents a good way to show emotions on public networking platforms.

Considering the current 140-character restriction on these micro blogging sites, the new function will absolutely help future and current customers to express their emotions much easier.

Image source: Vox-cdn

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