While “we could close it out tomorrow if we wanted”, Moonves said at the time, the network was looking to fetch “north of $5 million a spot” shortly before Super Bowl Sunday.

For the Levi’s Stadium practice field, which covers 70,000 square feet, the OR company was the project manager, providing the specialists to oversee the three-week-long project.

“It’s history”, one young fan said. Those two cities are to host the next two Super Bowls.

In a unique twist, fans in Levi’s Stadium will get some of the TV fan experience as well, as they’ll be able to view the ever popular Super Bowl TV commercials via the app during the game.

VenueNext hopes that the Super Bowl paves the way for more openings into different venues.

“Every year, fans [coming] to the Super Bowl become more connected and more tech-savvy, but this year presents an fantastic opportunity in terms of technology, given Levi’s Stadium’s state-of-the art technology and the connectivity in and around Silicon Valley”, Michelle McKenna-Doyle, NFL’s chief information officer, said. In addition to the replay system, CBS will “use eight custom-molded pylons that house 16 cameras to film the goal lines and sidelines”, along with embedded microphones that are created to enhance the game’s natural sound.

The stadium in Minnesota is nearly fully built.

From the Monday of Super Bowl week, the focus of the American sporting public is based on one area of the country.

Tickets for the inaugural Super Bowl were sold for $6 but the price increases have outpaced inflation and the face value for tickets this year ranges between $850 and $1,800 while prime “club seats” that include amenities cost as much as $3,000.

The footballs feature the Super Bowl 50 logo, the team names, the date, and the location.

Atlanta is the only city among the 2019 and 2020 bidders that will have a new stadium, although the Miami Dolphins’ Sun Life Stadium is in the midst of a $450 million makeover. “Back in the good old days, you’d be able to put together a bid that was really just a bunch of letters from politicians saying, ‘We welcome you to South Florida.’ And today, it is much more complicated, much more involved”.

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