instagram multiple accountsInstagram will allow for users to switch between multiple accounts. Instagram was long rumored to be developing a new function in the iOS application that lets customers to move between their accounts without having to sign out of their currently used account.

Not being capable to move between different accounts has represented an early problem regarding this Facebook-owned image-sharing platform. It appears that the website is lastly beginning to introduce this option, as noticed by some webloggers.

The app was not always offered on Android devices and then it has progressed and became a necessity for the clients of this cast ecosystem. Now, the application is owned by Facebook, together with WhatsApp, but the website works and is managed on its own.

Popular for not enabling hyperlinks within shares, the service has been regarded as a way for customers to present their life experiences without ads. Some iOS customers have told the media that they were allowed to add multiple Instagram accounts and are capable to quickly switch between these accounts on their app without needing to sign out every time.

It was said that not every Instagram customer on an iOS gadget will see this function offered on it, which may be caused by a difficult release of the option or that the service is just testing it first. It should be noticed that in the fall of 2015,

Instagram also tried out its multiple account function for all customers on Android operating gadgets. For iOS clients that would want to see if they were among the fortunate ones that are allowed to use the option, they can visit the profile page in the application and then just click on the “Settings” option.

For customers that are offered accessibility to the function, they will have the “Add Account” feature at the end. After other accounts are added, people will be capable to move between several Instagram accounts in order to gain access to different image feeds, texts and comments.

After customers get comments or likes for their image, the push notices will show which account, among the several profiles where the user is signed in, is getting these likes and comments. The company’s specialists are always looking for new functions within their group, said a representative of Instagram.

He was asked about their multiple account option on the iOS edition of the application, without exposing any more particular information regarding the issue. Instagram has surely been developing a series of new features recently, with the image platform also testing a cinematic research presented as a unique thriller called Shield 5.

Image source: Petapixel

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