Do you want to be a winner in  Dragon Quest Heroes? Some of this will be obvious to you, because you’re a smarty smartpants, but keep in mind that most people aren’t as awesome at games as you. Here are some useful Dragon Quest Heroes tips to help you!
Stop and recharge your tension skills
Our tension skills  charge up the more damage you do to enemies, but you can also charge them by holding in a button. Usually, this will endanger you, because it takes a bit of time and there are six dozen goblins around wanting to stab you in the kidney. But once in a while, there’s a lull in the battle and you’ll find yourself with some time. Be patient. Charge yourself to full tension, switch characters, and do it again. Perfect chance to grab a drink or take a bite of your snack. This way, you can go into the next phase of battle with all four characters having tension skills at the ready, giving you a nice head start on a tricky boss battle or huge swarm.
Useful Dragon Quest Heroes tips to help you 02
Plant monsters near goals
When you beat monsters, they drop coins, which you can hang drop at will. A few become special attacks or buffs, but most drop a copy of that monster in place to fight for your side . They’ll usually roam a small space of the map and attack the closest foe to them; they won’t follow you all over creation.

Consider the above with a common goal in Dragon Quest Heroes: defend a certain place or person. Aha! Yeah, don’t just throw those monsters any old place, carry them back to the places which need a line of defense that can’t always be you. This also works with guest characters who need to be protected. Get near them or slightly ahead of where you think they’ll run, then drop a monster coin to lend a hand.

Don’t break pots unless you need to, or you’re leaving the area
If your stats are fine, don’t break open vases and stuff. Leave them be, because what’s in there might be a little HP or MP refresher. When it’s busted out, it’s got a limited time before it fades out. And then your ass runs back hoping for that HP boost and nope, it’s gone. So if you don’t need anything, don’t break the pots. Only smash them when you’re either leaving the area or in need of help.Useful Dragon Quest Heroes tips to help you 01

Don’t forget to recharge those healstones
Your healing stones are recharged at a church in your hub area. Don’t forget to do this, or you might end up screwed in a boss fight. You have to do them individually, which is stupid, but do it.

Switch equipment among characters to save money
Man, fuck money grinding. If you have equipment that fits multiple characters, and the one wearing it is rotated out of the group? Nuh-uh, put their shit one someone else who will actually be in your four-member battle squad for the upcoming fight.

Weaken With Yangus, Crush With Everyone
Yangus has a skill that decreases  an enemy’s physical defense. Use it with Yangus, then let him wail away on AI while you switch to someone else and focus on the bad guy he just nerfed. This obviously works best when you’ve saved up a tension skill.


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