bing app for ios androidBing now offers additional browsing options to its iOS and Android users. Microsoft’s Bing tries to create a market for itself in the mobile world by concentrating on the kinds of common queries and details that people have to know while they are in a hurry.

For this, the organization this week released new Android and Android apps with functions like bar code scanners device for cost evaluation, a resource to discover the most affordable close by gas prices, or, on iOS to open a new deal web browser.

The revamping is more significant for customers on Android, since the iOS application formerly involved some of those functions. For instance, Bing previously presented the cost evaluation function when it released the 6.1 edition for the iOS application in Dec, which also presented option such as Ultra incorporation, GIF assistance, a cafe locater, OpenTable incorporation and a song and film finder.

Now, customers on both ecosystems can get the same function set. With this bar code scanning feature, which is started by pressing its search symbol, Bing will search for the items in question in order to return ratings or costs from major stores.

For people on iPhones, the scanning option is also available through 3D Touch: they only have tap on the Bing icon to use the option. In the same way, on Android systems, users can press longer the search symbol in order to open the bar scanning feature.

Both applications also now have the incorporation of GasBuddy to find out the closest, least expensive gas costs by either looking for “gas price” or by using the “gas” choice from the app’s “Near Me” menu. Lastly, the iOS application has been modified for making it simpler to search for offers.

This is a development of the previous offers function, where the options would appear right in the results, like when you looked for a cafe, for example. In the recent application, you can search for offers right from its home page itself.

That area will also select the deals based on vicinity, which could be useful while you are browsing for a good location or something else that you are interested in. The function is also operated by compatibilities with third party programs, which makes it much more useful compared to just releasing those separate deal-finding applications by themselves.

For a less powerful competitor like Bing, that is not a bad idea at all, since customers are becoming confused by the wide variety of applications on their cell phone, and are embracing functions voice assistants or other sites, such as Google Now, in order to solve their problems.

 Image source: Microsoft

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