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You can now buy AppleCare+ one year after getting an iPhone

Don’t be a fool,
protect your tool.
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If you’ve purchased a new iPhone in the last 12 months but
failed to buy AppleCare+ to protect it, Apple is ready to cut
you a break.

Apple has decided to extend the period in which iPhone buyers
can get AppleCare+ to one full year from the data of purchase,
after previously only letting you buy it within 60 days.

The new change in policy brings the iPhone’s AppleCare+ options
in line with other devices like the Apple TV and Mac. Apple
hasn’t officially updated its AppleCare+
website to reflect the changes, but a senior support rep
confirmed them to

According to the report, the new extension only applies on the
iPhone. Owners of the iPad and Apple Watch still have to buy
AppleCare+ within the first 60 days. The change is retro-active
and applies to all iPhones purchased in the last year.

AppleCare+ extends the warranty on devices from one year to two
years. Coverage for most new iPhones cost $129 while AppleCare+
on the iPhone SE is only $99. Along with the extended warranty,
AppleCare+ customers get two incidents of accidental damage
coverage. Screen replacements cost $29 and full device
replacements cost $99.

If you do want to buy AppleCare+ on your new iPhone, all you
have to do is take the device into an Apple store for

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