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Y’arrr! Tempest: Pirate Action RPG boards the App Store

it now, ya scurvy sea dog!
Photo: HeroCraft

Steve Jobs once said that it’s better to be a pirate than to
join the navy. More than 30 years on, you can put that mantra
to the test, courtesy of a new iOS game that’s just landed in
the App Store.


Pirate Action RPG
, it’s a premium adventure role-playing
game which lets you assemble a vicious crew of salty sea
dogs, arm yourself to the gunwales, and go out in search of
buried treasure. Check out the trailer below.

washed up on Steam, where it was enjoyed by more than 50,000
players. Its mobile conversion now brings the multiplayer open
world game to your iOS device, so that you take the game with
you as you sail the high seas (or commute to work).

game starts with you in control of a small ship, which is
hastily sunk by a Kraken sea monster. You then have to travel
around, upgrading to bigger and better ships, unlocking the
map, and battling, trading and stealing with and from other

There are
all the features you’d hope for from a pirate-themed RPG, and
there’s plenty of depth that’s going to appeal to lovers of the
genre. Best of all (at least from my perspective) is that the
game’s a premium offering, which means that — once you’ve
shelled out your $7.99 to buy it — you’re not going to find
yourself bombarded with constant requests for in-app purchases.

I’m looking
forward to playing more of this over the coming days, so
hopefully I should have a few more thoughts (and a recommend)
by the time I compile this week’s “Awesome Apps of the Week”
update on Sunday. For now, though, this is definitely ticking
all the right boxes for me.



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