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TextWrangler to Be Retired as Bare Bones Software Focuses Development on BBEdit

Bare Bones Software, the company behind popular code editors
BBEdit and TextWrangler, this week announced plans to retire
TextWrangler as it focuses development on BBEdit.

Going forward, TextWrangler will not be updated for the next
version of macOS, but it will continue to be functional so long
as the new version of macOS doesn’t introduce any
software-breaking bugs.

Bare Bones is instead recommending its customers download
11.6, which was released in July. Customers can use BBEdit
11.6 unlicensed indefinitely, and the unlicensed version
contains the same features that are available in TextWrangler.
BBEdit is not available through the Mac App Store
like TextWrangler, but can be downloaded from the Bare Bones Software

What you may not know is that last July, we released BBEdit
11.6. You can use this version unlicensed, forever, for free.
Without a license, BBEdit now includes all of the features that
TextWrangler offers, plus quite a few others. That’s right. You
no longer have to pick between them.

BBEdit is free for 30 days, after which a license
costs $49.99. Customers who don’t wish to purchase a license can
continue to use the software’s free features indefinitely.

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