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Spotify is launching a Hi-Fi lossless audio tier that could cost twice as much

Spotify is now trying to lure the audiophiles.

According to
The Verge, a few Spotify users have started seeing
prompts on the app to upgrade to Spotify Hi-Fi, a new premium
tier offering lossless audio quality. In addition, Spotify
Hi-Fi could offer one free vinyl record and other discounts on
limited-edition vinyls. Spotify is testing the price for the
service, which will be either $5 to $10 extra on top of the
$10-a-month subscription to Spotify Premium.

Spotify has not confirmed when or if its Hi-Fi tier will
eventually be rolled out as an official option to all users.
When people who got the prompt tried to upgrade they received
an error message or were told that the service was not yet
available in their area, signaling that Spotify could just be
testing whether there’s enough interest and what the right
price point should be.

“We are always testing new products and offers but have no news
to share at this time,” a Spotify spokesperson told The


So far, Tidal is the only other music streaming service to
offer this CD-quality audio experience. Tidal HiFi offers
lossless audio, plus videos in HD for $20-a-month, or
$17-a-month if you prepay for the service for six months.

Why this matters: Originally, there was some
contention as to whether people can even tell the difference
when listening to lossless audio over compressed streaming,
which is probably why Tidal has failed to seriously compete
against Spotify and Apple Music.

But now that Apple has started to move away from the headphone
jack and encouraging the use of Lightning and Bluetooth
headphones, there’s more of an opportunity that lossless audio
can take off. It makes sense that Spotify might want to give
users the option—as a bonus, the new tier will bring in more

Furthermore, Spotify has opted to not engage in a war over
exclusive album premieres, which has been Apple Music’s
strategy to lure new users. Spotify has to focus on other ways
to bring added value and differentiate itself from its biggest
competitor by adopting new features and capabilities.

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