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iPad magician celebrates Year of the Monkey by annoying chimps

I’ve heard of chimps eating people’s faces for less than this.
Photo: Simon Pierro

Simon Pierro, the “iPad magician,” thought he should find an appropriate way to ring in the Chinese New Year. And it’s the Year of the Monkey, so the obvious call was to perform his feats of tech-assisted illusion for a bunch of increasingly aggravated chimpanzees, even though they aren’t actually monkeys?Alright, so they don’t really get that mad, considering Pierro is has the intelligence and sense of self-preservation to actually give them some peanuts after cruelly magic-ing them away. But the tension is real.

“I decided to tell little story with my iPad routine with the chimps, finding a peanut on the iPad that I take out, and then making it disappear,” Pierro says on his blog. “My little friends enthusiastically took the bait, chasing those peanuts like Scrat from Ice Age, and looking at me with wonder and enthusiasm as the treats magically appeared.”

In addition to the peanut feats, Pierro also hands one chimp his iPad after filling it with virtual milk. The primate tries to drink out of the tablet before just putting it on his head as if hoping it will prevent his friends and family from recognizing him and realizing that he fell for the old “fake milk in the iPad” gag.

To be fair, everyone falls for that one the first time. It’s cool, chimp friend.

Pierro has been performing magic with iPads and iPhones for a while. We previously covered his appearance on Ellen last year and some Christmas-themed tricks from 2012. And if that’s still not enough iPad-gic for you, he has plenty more videos over at his website.

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