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Google Maps will soon let you share location data in real-time

You can share your location on iOS and
Photo: Google

Finding your friends in crowded places is about to get a lot
easier thanks to an upcoming feature for Google Maps that will
let users share their location in real-time.

Google’s new feature works similar to Find My Friends,
only unlike Apple’s app, Google Maps will be able to show you
exactly where your friends are as they move. The feature will
be rolling out to both iOS and Android devices too so it
doesn’t matter if your friends have an iPhone or not.


send your location to contacts, choose the “Share Location”
option from the Google Maps side menu. You can select how long
you would like to share your location for. Then tape the person
you want to send your location too and they’ll be able to stalk
you for hours.

you’re driving to a place, the new sharing feature also lets
you send trip progress from the navigation data. While in the
navigation screen, just tap the “More” button and then choose
the option to “Share Trip” so friends can see exactly when you
will arrive. Sharing ends once you arrive at the destination.

Google says
the new feature will be rolling out soon to iPhones and
Androids worldwide, though an exact date wasn’t provided.

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