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Apple Watch display may switch to microLED in 2018

Micro-LED displays could make Apple Watch super-thin.
Photo: Apple

Apple is planning to cut down on its reliance of Samsung
displays with future models of the Apple Watch by adopting
microLED screens. According to a new report out of Asia, the
switch could come as soon as next year.

previous two models of the Apple Watch use OLED displays
sourced from a couple of different manufacturers. For the
iPhone 8, Apple rely solely on Samsung to produce the curved
OLED display. Apple prefers to source components from multiple
manufacturers to mitigate risk, so it’s looking to move to a
new technology.

Benefits of microLED

MicroLED displays aren’t quite ready to be used in smartphones,
Nikkei reports that Apple’s pushing ahead to bring it to
the Apple Watch first.

“At this point, Apple is the only company who is able to roll
out micro-LED, a technology that is still at an early stage of
development, and cover the high costs incurred by the low yield
rate,” said a source that spoke to Nikkei.

One of the advantages of microLED
displays is that they don’t require a backlight. This would
allow Apple to make the Apple Watch thinner than ever, or
devout more space to battery life.

Jumping to
microLED would be a huge feat though. Producing microLED
displays in mass is still incredibly difficult for all of the
top display makers, so don’t get your hopes up to see it 2018
quite yet.

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