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Apple celebrates Turkey’s Children’s Day with new iPhone billboards

is celebrating iPhone photos shot by kids.
Photo: Apple

As if it wasn’t hard enough keeping on top of Apple’s business
in the U.S., Tim Cook has tweeted out an image as an advance
celebration of Turkey’s National Sovereignty and Children’s
Day, which takes place on April 23.

The image is a
variation on Apple’s long-established “Shot on iPhone,”
campaign, except this time depicting photos taken by “young
talents” in Turkey. Or, at least, young talents in Turkey
fortunate enough to own an iPhone!

The tweet
comes days after Apple’s Turkish YouTube channel debuted two
new ads, both also showing footage shot on the iPhone by
youngsters, aged 10 and 11. Check them out below:

“Shot on iPhone” campaign — designed to show off the
quality of its iPhone camera by crowdsourcing amateur
photographers’s pictures — has been very well
received. Soon after its debut a couple of years back, it was
described by Cannes Outdoor Lions jury president Juan Carlos
Ortiz describing it as “not
just a great idea, [but] a game-changer.”

This isn’t
the first time Apple has found a way to help celebrate a
country’s heritage by introducing a localized version of the
campaign. Previously, to celebrate
France’s Bastille Day, Apple changed the homepage of
its Apple France website to show a picture of the French
Tricolor flag — with the individual colors represented by
iPhone snaps.

Source: Twitter



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