This month, Sony will release two versions of noise-cancelling headphones

Last year, Sony surprised us with what most people regarded as the best headphones on the market which featured noise cancellation – MDR-1000X. However, the company wanted to take this technology even further, and will debut three new models during the IFA conference.

One of the new models is the successor of the aforementioned headphones, MDR-1000XM2. If you are familiar with the last year’s model, the new version features most of those already present in MDR-1000X. Apart from customizable noise cancellation, they also feature ambient sound mode and touch control.

Sony has brought improvements since last year

However, since the model is new, they also need to feature some novelties. The improvements are quite exciting, allowing you to enjoy their greatness on and on. Sony has enhanced their battery life, so you can use them for 30 hours without charging, even if you have noise cancellation and Bluetooth turned on.

This is an improvement of about 10 hours from the previous model. Also, in case you’re in a hurry, Sony introduced a Quick Charge mode. This means that you can keep them charging for only 10 minutes, and you get around an hour of battery life. If this has captured your attention, you won’t have to wait long until you can buy the headphones. They will be available this month for $350.

There is an in-ear variant as well

Noise cancellation is not an exclusive for over-ear headphones. Sony will also release the in-ear counterpart, WI-1000X. These will feature the behind-the-neck style, and will be available for $250. They will offer you over 10 hours of music while using both Bluetooth and noise cancellation. Also, they can alert you any time you get a call, and handle any kind of high-resolution audio.

Both variants come with a companion app, Sony Headphones Connect App. This will offer many other advantages, by improving the quality of the sound and allowing to customize everything you hear. In less than a month, you can enjoy any variant you like, and plunge into the special universe they create.
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